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Innovative, original and prolific, Nathalie A. Paulin is a creative being with a strong passion for all things production. As the founder of Established in 88, a digital platform/ production company celebrating all things creative media, Ms. Paulin consults on and is featured in various media campaigns, collaborates with a plethora of brands, and speaks at numerous events across the tri-state area. With over 10 years experience and having earned repeated praise from management and clients (including NBC, FOX & BET) for anticipating needs of executives, prioritizing tasks and ensuring successful execution while workin in the industry she is no stranger to the television/film industry. Previous collaborations include the American Black Film Festival, Hip Hop Film Festival, Urban World and Viacom. Nathalie is also actively involved in the community working for the non-profit, The Child Center of NY which helps strengthens children and families with skills, opportunities, and emotional support to build healthy, successful lives. Nathalie is a PROUD Morgan State University alumni with a BS in Broadcast Production.

What I Do

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    Established in 88 is an award-winning media company producing creative, inspiring, and thought-provoking content

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    Culture Curator

    Community is what I love, and it's what makes persons connect more not only to each other but their resources

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    I was created, by the creator, to create. Directing has given me the a platform to display my creative

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In a short time, I have been able to achieve excellence in all areas of creative development.

I'm a multimedia professional who thrives in creative, entrepreneurial and fast pace environments.

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